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This is a community where people can talk about the under-appreciated (in my opinion, anyway) Homura-tachi! Homura-tachi consists of Shien, Zenon, and, of course, Homura! So if you're a fan of any and/or all of these characters, feel free to join!


1. When you join, it would be nice if you tell us a little bit about yourself, who your favorite Homura-tachi character is, etc.
2. You're welcome to share fanfiction, fanart, icons, etc. HOWEVER, please put it all behind an LJ-cut. Try not to post anything too graphic. ("Graphic" meaning extremely violent/bloody or sexually explicit... I don't necessarily have anything against those things in art and whatnot, but since this community is open for anyone to join, I don't want a 12-year-old to stumble into something they shouldn't see. ^^;) If the fanart/icons are not yours, make sure you either have permission to post them, or have a link/name of the person who made them. As for fanfiction, just provide a link to a story that you like, as long as it's related to Homura, Shien, and/or Zenon. (In other words, don't post the whole story into an entry here. A link is fine. :D)
3. No flaming/spamming/whatever it's called/being mean to other people. At all.
4. Lurking is okay, but it would be nice if you would introduce yourself and post something from time to time. ^^

And lastly, have fun! ^^