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Hi! My name is car_jack and I just joined this community and would like to introduce myself (I read the rules on the info page and they suggested I do this ^^). I'm a writer of fanfiction (much of which is adult oriented *if you get my drift* so please be aware before reading) and I've also started playing Homura in an online role playing community which I'm having a blast playing! I'm thrilled to discover there's a community dedicated to Homura's group and I'm glad to meet you all!
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Yaaaay, Homura-tachi love. Welcome.

Which RP, if I may so ask?
It's an adult community - saiyuki_ecstasy. There's even someone there playing Zenon! But no Shien (yet) sadly. There are two main 'threads' to play in, Gensomaden and Gaiden, and lucky me, I get to play in both! As does Zenon.

Many of the main charaters are taken but there are still many others available. If there's someone you're interested to play, fill our an application to join. It super fun!
Heh. Looks an interesting concept, but this girl doesn't have the capacity to RP anymore. But... cupnjava as Goku? Sweet. Couldn't ask for a better one.