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Hi all !

Hi everyone ! ^^

I'm quite new to this community thing so sorry if I make some mistakes at the beginning m(-_-)m

I'm Ondes. I discovered Saiyuki on my first trip to Japan, when it was still quite unknown even there. Back to Canada, I cried everytime I was looking for Saiyuki stuff here in Montreal and all I could find was dragon ball's or Sailor Moon's stuff. But now, it finally arrives here, although I don't read the english nor the french version because the translation is awful (well more for the french part).

I fell in love with Homura-tachi on their first appearance. My favorite is Shien. I like his calm and his attitude but what I prefer is his voice. I also like Zenon a lot and especially his interaction with Shien. On the french side of Fanfiction.net, they always pair Shien with Nataku but I think Zenon would be more logical. As for Homura, I like him but i don't seem to fing interesting stories about him.

I love to read fiction about the Homura-tachi and I wrote some but in french... Yeah, it's easier for me. But I want to translate some of them so maybe you will have the honor to be the first to read them ^^

Have a nice day !
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