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My favourite question

/I've joined this community... well, it's a long story.
After I first saw Homura, I thought "Oh. My. God. Kill him. Kill him now!" But later... later I & (mostly) my hypercreative friend Wishnu started writing a looooong fic about Homurka. It was about his life before Gaiden, about the first time he met Konzen & others etc. /no yaoi, gigigigi/ Now we have a developed conseption of the world they all live in, a whole lot of new characters. Homura is now like a little brother for us (but a troublesome & a bit stupid)
Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm from Russia (the same goes for my friend Wishnu), so pardon my bad English. All fics are written in russian, so you probably won't be able to read them ;(
That's all/

Now, the request. I need _all_ information you have about Homura-tachi. I mean, ALL. EVERYTHING. Their weight, hight, birthdays, favourite food, colour of their socks. Every little word about them is important.
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