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Found a quiz that includes Homura-tachi as results. If you take it, post back with your results! ^^

result #6: zenon!
06 ZENON: you're very loud, brash, and impulsive.
sometimes you come across as obnoxious. you
probably swear a lot, or you might get angry
easily. but beneath all of that, you're a good
friend to have around, and you'll protect the
people you care about. your past might be a
little painful, but you don't dwell on it.
despite your personality, when you have someone
you love, you'd give them your all, and if you
ever had a family, you'd make a good parent
that your children can have fun with. as a
minor character, however, you probably don't
have as much of a fanbase as the others. a
little advice though: think before you act!

which saiyuki minor character would you be?
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