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A New Member Here...

Well, the rules said to introduce yourself when you joined. So, I want to be a good, nice newbie and do just that.

Hey everyone! This is Goddess-triad speaking. ^__^ Call me Murasaki. That's how everyone else does. It took me a while to stumble onto a group like this. I didn't think there was one. ^_^ Glad to have finally found it. I don't know a lot of Homura-tachi fans. Well, okay. I was vouching for the Sanzo-ikkou all the way, but that didn't stop me from liking Homura, Zenon or Shien.

I hope that's okay.

My favorite among the Homura-tachi: HOMURA. Of course, the big boss. Though he had his oddities, he was a very likeable character to me, quite charming, really.

Hear from you guys, hopefully. ^_^
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